Welcome to Lilith in Lilies!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post ever, in the history of the universe, and boy is it intimidating! Lets get started with an overview of some basic mythology, and then hopefully you’ll bear with me as we make our way towards the actual point of this blog…

In Jewish mythology, Eve was not the first woman made for Adam. Before Eve, (who was apparently pretty horrible for mankind in her own right), there was Lilith. While there are different origin stories, it is generally believed that Lilith and Adam were made at the same time. Adam was made from dust, and Lilith was made from mud and filth. Lilith believed that because they were both made from ‘dust,’ or earth, they were equals. She left Adam because she refused to lie under him while ‘procreating’. She believed that since they were equals, she should not have to be beneath him (oh symbolism!). She spoke the unspeakable name of God, and vanished over to the Red Sea. Adam complained to God, and God sent three angels after Lilith to bring her back to Adam and make her obey. Lilith commanded the angels away by speaking the name of God, and went along her merry way. From then on, everything gets a little hazy. Suffice to say, Lilith went on to do a lot of bad things that included seducing men, killing babies, making childbirth more difficult, and even giving young men wet dreams by seducing them in their sleep. You know, basic women-are-the-cause-of-everything-evil-in-the-world stuff.

In contrast to all this Lilith/evil stuff, lilies are a sign of purity. Beginning in Greek mythology, lilies were associated with the mother goddess, Hera, to symbolize purity and innocence. Later in Christianity, Mary, mother of God, and virgins are often depicted with lilies around them to symbolize their purity and innocence.Lilies are also sometimes associated with death, because many religions believed that the only way to reclaim lost purity and innocence is to die.

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